8th Grade Writing Genres

Last year:


Using 8 ½ x 11 college ruled paper (loose, not in your notebook), compare and contrast in a formal essay the following movies that we watched in class:

  • Diary of Anne Frank
  • Boy In the Striped Pajamas
  • Life Is Beautiful

Follow this structure:

  • Introduction: Explain the situation and reason for watching the movies in class, give two-sentence summaries of each movie, and end with a thesis statement that will later link to your conclusion (i.e. "One of these movies stands above the others for its ability to....")
  • Body 1: Analyze the movies based on how accurately each one communicated the horrors of the Holocaust.
  • Body 2: Analyze the movies based on how well each one told the story of individuals' struggles.
  • Body 3: Evaluate the movies based on how much they captivated your attention and engaged you in their stories. Note: This is where you get to explain which one you liked most and why, but be sure to address all three movies.
  • Conclusion: Based on your analysis and evaluation in your body paragraphs, explain which movie you believe that teachers should show eighth graders to help them learn about the Holocaust. Again, address all three movies here.