Physical Education - P.E.

Carlton Oaks Jr. High Physical Education

Policies and Grading

Welcome to the Carlton Oaks PE program. PE is an important and - we hope -fun part of your student's day. The program focuses on physical fitness, social development, and team sports. The students perform daily exercises, run a weekly mile, play a variety of team sports, and prepare for the California Physical Fitness Test. Cooperation, responsibility, and sportsmanship are modeled, encouraged, and expected. Students will have the opportunity to become proficient in volleyball, flag football, basketball, soccer, hockey, ultimate, and a variety of other field games.

Grading will be based on the following percentages:


70% Daily Participation: (10 points per day) This includes, but is not limited to;

  • Present and on time for class
  • Dressed out in PE uniform (shirt, shorts, appropriate shoes)
  • Participation
  • Cooperation
  • Sportmanship

30% Physical Fitness Participation: This includes, but is not limited to;

  • Daily dynamic stretching and cone drills
  • Weekly mile run for time
  • Other alternative activities


Students' effort grade will be based on their effort in the above areas.

Extra Credit

Points are available for things such as daily lap, exercise leader, helping with equipment, washing loaners, wiping down fitness equipment, etc.

For additional information, check with the PE teacher.

PE Uniform

Carlton Oaks PE clothes are available for purchase at the school. If you wish to purchase PE clothes for your student independently, students must have a loose-fitting, plain (no graphics or logos) gray t-shirt and black athletic shorts. PE clothes must be clearly labeled with the student's last name, first initial. No other writing, artwork, symbols, etc. is allowed. Torn, cut, or altered attire must be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Athletic shoes and socks are required for both safety and comfortable participation. Students who forget their PE clothes will be supplied with a loaner uniform. NO under garments are to be SEEN during PE. Sweat pants and/or sweatshirts may be worn during cold weather.

All students are assigned gym lockers and combination locks for the year. Lockers are NOT secure when left unlocked! Do NOT give your locker combination to anyone! LOCK YOUR LOCKER! The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Lost or stolen locks must be replaced.

Students must have a note from a parent or doctor to be excused from participating in PE class. Students are still expected to have their PE uniform. By school district policy, any excuse for more than 3 days must come from a doctor.

If students exceed 5 parent excused days per trimester in PE, they will lose their daily points for every additional parent excused day. Procedures to make up points are available upon request.

For safety, no glass or aerosol sprays are allowed in the locker room. Stick-type deodorant is allowed and encouraged. No running, pushing, throwing, wrestling, or boisterous activity is allowed in the locker room.

Thank you,

Ms. Janish, Ms. Meaux, & Mr. Towne

Carlton Oaks Junior High PE teachers