Independent Reading Options

  1. For every trimester, each student must read three books over 150 pages or a total of 700 pages. After reading a book, complete an Independent Reading Form. The books must be pre-approved by Ms. Meaux.

  2. In lieu of reading all three books, students have an opportunity to chose from a variety of Independent Reading Project Options to complete their Independent Reading requirements

How to Choose a Book?

  • Look at the cover

  • Look at the blurbs on the back

  • Look at the summary inside the front cover

  • See if it's an author you like

  • Find books in the genres you enjoy

  • Get recommendations from friends, family, the librarian, teachers, or the internet

  • Check the length

  • Read the first paragraph and see if it intrigues you

  • Pick a book that's not too difficult for you, but also not too easy for you

  • If you start a series and like it, find the other books in that series