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Find the Lexile levels of your books:

Reading for 30 minutes each day is required (150 minutes average per week).
Your child is responsible for reading chapter books throughout the year. Trimesters 1 & 2 I require them to fill out a minimum of 2 Book Response forms that have them thinking critically through the book. Three are required in Trimester 3. This form is filled out as they read, and turned in to me. If they would like to do more than 2, I welcome it!
Book Response Form

Click here for a fun list of spelling activities to do at home: Spelling Pie Activities

Enrichment websites:

Fabulous Online Stories!

Everything you'll ever want to know about idioms



A fun site where you can write and illustrate your own story. You need to create a free account before you can begin.

Wonderful site for our Language (Grammar) standards - thanks Mr. Fraiha!


A terrific resource to answer any grammar questions you may have. This is a great site to use when you write!

Rooting Out Words

Practice figuring out word meanings by identifying their Greek and Latin roots.
Power Proofreading

Play a fun, interactive proofreading game!

Wacky Web Tales

Write your own Mad Libs and practice parts of speech! Analogy of the Day
Try it! Fantastic tutorials in iPod or PowerPoint format.
Scroll down through the subjects -- check out the grammar and math sections.

Common Core Standards


Fourth Grade California Language Arts Standards Select Grade 4