Grading Policy

Interactive Notebook (15 - 60 points)
Homework (3 - 25 points)
Tests and Projects (50 - 150 points)
Quizzes (15 - 40 points) 

Homework and Assignments will be accepted late, for 10% off the grade.
Almost all assignments can be redone for a higher grade. On assignments that are worksheets the highest grade that can be achieved on a late or redo is a C. During trimester 1, assignments may be completed up to 1 month late. During trimester 2, assignments may be completed up to 2 weeks late. During trimester 3, assignments may be completed up to 1 week late.

Test and Projects can be retaken up to 2 weeks after the due date.

Academic Dishonesty - Any student caught cheating will be given a "0"/F on the assignment/test/project. The student cannot redo or retake the assignment/test/project. The student's citizenship and effort grades will be lowered. Parents will be notified. Cheating includes coping another student's work, plagiarizing, coping from the internet without proper citations, claiming another person's ideas or thoughts are theirs and any variation of these.

Please see the planner for the citizenship rubric