Web Resources

Web Resources




**War of 1812- History Central

Info for the pair assignment

**War of 1812 Battles

More info for the assignment

U.S. Social Studies For Teachers & Students

Links to all subjects and events in American history.

Colonial Williamsburg- Clothing

Excellent site for Colonial clothing and more!

Colonial History

Dozens of links to sites about the original 13 colonies in America.

Colonial America K12 Resources

Designed for teachers, but it has great info for students too!

Colonial America

The BEST info for our 13 Colonies movies.

Life In Colonial America

A student-created web project


Colonial Assemblies

Great info. for "democratic ideas" sub-standard

Colonial Economy

Great for "Government" sub-standard

18th Century Clothing

Resource for video clip sub-groups

The Paul Revere House

Major Events of the Revolution

General info on the major battles for an in-class assignment

Battle of Lexington & Concord

An article from a good online reference website on the Revolutionary War

Battle of Bunker Hill

An article from a good online reference website on the Revolutionary War

Battle of Bunker Hill

Student-written report on this important battle in the Revolutionary War.


A user's guide to the Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence Draft

Draft version with the revisions made in congress

Liberty Online

Good research info.

Constitution Facts

Full text and guide to the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution.

The American West

All about the Westward Expansion as the U.S. grew larger and larger.

Lewis and Clark Webquest

Online social studies activity for students

Martin Luther King Jr.

Fact Monster's site about the Civil Right leader

Martin Luther King Jr. Quiz


The Leaky Cauldron

An excellent site run by a non-profit organization

Official Scholastic Harry Potter Site

Discussion Chamber, Wizard Challenge, Pronunciation Guide, and more!

Redwall Abbey: Official Redwall Site

Brian Jacques' animal fantasy series with heroes, warriors, and adventure around every corner!

The Chronicles of Narnia

The classic fantasy series by C.S. Lewis that continues to enthrall kids of all ages!

Giggle Poetry

A collection of hilarious poems from many great poets, as well as information on poetry contests for kids!

Crossword Puzzle Creator

Great tool for reading projects

The Tolkien Network

Links to all the best websites devoted to the author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

A Series of Unfortunate Events: Official Lemony Snicket Site

Author site for the terrible tragic saga of three orphans (Violet, Klaus, and Sunny) being pursued by the villainous Count Olaf!

A Website of Unfortunate Events
Scream and Run Away Audio & Video

A site for the REAL fans, complete with updated news on future books, message boards, and much more!

A Christmas Carol Website

Full text of Dickens' classic to go along with the abridged version we may be reading in class.

Book Crossing

An interesting experience in leaving books in public in hopes of others finding them.

Merriam-Webster Word Central

Reference site for completing the Cats vocabulary assignments.


KidPub Over 11,000 stories written by kids all over the world
Young Writers' Clubhouse Enter contests, join the Critique Group, and learn how to become a writer.
The Write Site Explore the world of journalism (newspapers)!
Rhyming Dictionary
Dictionary.com Online dictionary and thesaurus
Vivid Verbs Writing Lesson
Multiple Intelligences Test For Children Simplified quiz


The Career Key Personality and job preference quiz for career search and planning
American Universities Links to all universities in the U.S.
Canada Prospects 1999 Great interest and multiple intelligence quizzes for career choosing

Peterson's College/University Search

Search for universities by name or major.
Career Information Designed for kids, this site organizes careers by interests
Multiple Intelligences Evaluation
University Search 2
What Interests You? Another career-choosing website
Choosing a College Major Great article for our career unit
Careers in Science Great resource for kids
Sports Career Planning
Careers in Design From the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
Careers in Teaching From the Vocational Information Center
Career Planning Info on all sorts of careers
Princeton Review Article on Zoology careers
Learning Styles Quiz
2006-07 Career Guide to Industries Career categories and descriptions, this site is helpful for students trying to decide on a specific career

Color Quiz
Shakespearean Sonnets