Science Websites

Scientific Method

Use this site to do your Scientific Methods lab

The Magic Universe of Cells

Eucaryotic Cell Interactive Animation - Flash needed.

Cell Explorer

Explore the cell and see how it works.

Flash needed.

Biology 4 Kids

basic biology information not just for kids, it's for everyone. It has information on cell structure, cell function, plants, and other life science topics

National Geographic

Covers many topics related to Science

Science Spot

Activities for science including the microscope activities we do in class

Discovery Puzzle Maker
Online Puzzle Maker

Puzzle makers to help with our projects - teacher resource

Bill Nye

Bill Nye's Climate Lab

IXL Learning

Science, math, language arts website.

Resources for Science class - teacher resource

The Learning Zone

Oxford University Museum of Natural History's website with activities and information on Life Science

Enchanted Learning
Prehistoric Life- Melbourne Museum
Web Geologic Time Machine
Geologic Time

Websites to help with understanding Geologic Time Scale.

Animal Diversity Web

Information on each of the Animal Kingdoms

Science Vocabulary Hangman

Another hangman game to help build Science Vocabulary

Secret Worlds: The Universe Within

Great site to go from the universe all the way down into a cell

Becoming Human

Chromosome and skeletal matching, along with downloadable activities, student materials, etc.


Hangman games to build vocabulary


The site features several animations and activities for learning about DNA, cells, molecules, and other genetics topics

Periodic Table of Elements

A very cool interactive Periodic Table of Elements. Click on the elements to get more information on it. Flash needed.

NASA Kids' Club

Gives information on topics such as how climates affect life today, the role in technology in biology, and how living creatures evolved from single-celled organisms using cutaways, three-dimensional images

Savage Earth

tells the stories of great natural disasters

Scholastic Science Explorations

Information on Science - teacher resource

Science Netlinks 6-8 videos

A wealth of resources for K-12 science, Science NetLinks is your guide to meaningful standards-based Internet experiences for students

Science News For Kids

Different Science articles

Virtual Frog Dissection

An interactive frog dissection

Biology Links - Cells & Microscopes

Activities for microscopes and cells

Science of Baseball

Articles, exhibits, and activities showing the science behind baseball.


Information on Pangaea and a simulation. Flash needed.

State Standards

California State Standards for all grades

Eye Dissection

Goes step by step through the dissection of a cow eye - Exploratorium