Independent Reading

This was known in class as your "sticky note book." Now you will be reading your "sticky note book" only at home....but you won't be using sticky notes anymore. Instead, please fill out the digital reading log that was e-mailed to you. Save the document on your iPad as FIRST NAME READING LOG. Tap in each box and TYPE in the title everyday, the number of pages you read, the number of minutes you read, and a 2 sentence summary of the book. When you have filled up all 15 spots, e-mail Ms. Panfili the reading log. Then you will start a new one.

You have two options now for what books to read:

Option #1: OR
Option #2:

* continue reading leveled books that you may have at home

* if you don't have any books at home that are in your reading level, please use EPIC
* please SILENTLY READ the books on EPIC....please don't have them read to you