Directions For Digital Reading Log


Please use these step by step directions for saving your new digital
reading log to your iPad so that you can type on it. There are 6 steps total.

1. Tap on the attachment I sent you in your email. It should look like this pic and then tap the square with the arrow pointing up....circled in purple.
Tap on the Attachment

2. Then slide the pictures of the apps to the left until you see Word
Slide to Left

3. Tap on Word
Tap on Word

4. Then tap on Save a in purple

Tap on Save a Copy

5. Then tap On My iPad to save it to your iPad AND delete the word copy in the file name and add your first name.
Delete Copy & Add Your Name

6. Now you should be able to tap in each section of the reading log and type in your answers. :-)
Here's my example.

Tap & Type on Log

Fill this in everyday. When you've filled up all 15 days, e-mail it to me and I'll send you a new one.