A to Z Helpful Information

Attendance/Absences: Attendance at school is very important! Your child's progress, both academically and socially, is greatly influenced by daily participation. However, if your child is sick and needs to stay home, state law requires that all absences be verified. For your convenience, we have an absence line that you can access 24 hours a day: 619-956-4505.

Arrival/Dismissal Procedure: School begins promptly at 8:30 am. In an effort to promote academic success, "Time on Task", is being emphasized district wide. In order to maximize "Time on Task" students are to meet me at the bus stop at 8:20(students who go to Project Safe will walk with Mrs. Spencer class in the morning until I arrive at my classroom door). If you need to bring something to my attention, please send a note with your child, leave a voicemail at 619-956-4533, or send an email j[email protected] . I will be happy to arrange a meeting before or after school if needed.

Dismissal time is at 2:20 Monday-Fridays. I will walk students to the bus each day. Non-bus riders will walk with us and I will not dismiss child until I see a parent. Please make every effort to pick up your child on time.

*Students may only be released to persons who have been authorized to pick up. If someone else is going to be picking up your child, let us know in advance and make sure that person is listed on your child's emergency card as a person authorized to pick up. Your child's safety is my priority!

Birthdays: Birthdays are such an exciting time in your child's life! We will celebrate by singing to your child and making their day extra special. Once a month we have a celebration day and that is the only day non-compliant food items are allowed. You can send non-food items to share with the class or donate a book for classroom library.

Behavior Policy: I believe students thrive on positive recognition and praise. I work hard to create an atmosphere of friendship and respect in my classroom. I strongly believe that all students have the right to learn in a safe and productive environment. I teach students that life is about choices and learning to make good choices will be emphasized throughout the year.

I strive for consistency and I will begin the school year with clear expectations. The first couple weeks we will practice the procedures and expectations in the classroom. Before you know it, the procedures become automatic for the students. At this young age, children are still learning how to share, express their feelings, solve conflicts, etc. If a problem occurs, your child and I will discuss it, who might have been affected, how they might feel, and think of other ways to solve the situation in the future. I believe EVERY problem is a TEACHABLE MOMENT!

After creating a list of rules we condensed them to three simple rules:

  1. Be Respectful

  2. Be Kind

  3. Be Safe

Our Classroom Rewards:

  1. Verbal Praise/Positive note sent home

  2. Inpidual: Money system "cash" for behavior, work habits, and participation .

  3. Daily "MVP"

  4. Class: Earned Time-Homework Pass

  5. School Wide: Peace-builder Praises and Student of the Month Awards

Our Classroom Consequences:

Verbal Redirection and Friendly Reminders will be first response to students off-task.

If student is still off task, they will be asked to change their card color.

Yellow "Base Hit"-Shining Star

Blue "Ball"-Verbal Reminder

Orange "Strike 1"-Time Away

Green "Strike 2"-Student Report

Red "Strike 3"-Referral to Principal

If a student is having exceptional difficulty in one area, I will contact you. Most situations can be rectified when there is reinforcement from home. Communication is the key to making your child's experience a success.

Communication: Communication between home and school is vital to your child's success. I value your involvement and believe your child will be more successful when we work as a team. Consistent, positive communication with you is one of my top priorities. To keep you informed, I will be posting a weekly newsletter and sending an update in your child's homework folder on Mondays. I see parents as partners, and my biggest allies, in education. You know your child better than anyone, and I value all that I can learn from you! I welcome your questions, comments, and any concerns you may have.

Please contact me anytime:

*Classroom Number: 619-956-4539

*School E-mail: [email protected]

Differentiated Instruction: All children enter my classroom with different abilities, learning styles, prior knowledge, and experiences. They may learn concepts differently from their peers. Differentiated Instruction insures that your child's inpidual needs are met on a daily basis.

Dress for Success: Please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for energetic (and sometimes messy!) learning and play at school. Clothing should be washable, comfortable, and cover well when running, jumping, and turning upside down. Shoes should be sturdy, with closed toes and backs. Tennis shoes/sneakers are best. No flip flops or clogs. PLEASE LABEL ALL YOUR CHILD'S CLOTHING!

Emergencies: Please make sure we have the correct emergency information on file for your child. If phone numbers change, please update your child's emergency contact information with the Attendance Clerk.

Fun: My goal is to make learning fun!

Goodbye: Saying goodbye at school can be very emotional for you and your child. Try to send your child off with a smile and a wave along with the reassurance that you will see them after school. I am going to ask that you say goodbye at the door to make it easier on both you and your child.

Health: Please let me know of any special circumstances that may affect your child (i.e., medications that make him/her sleepy, a death in the family, etc). Also, please let me know of any allergies your child may have, especially food allergies. (School Health Clerk- 954-4500)

Homework/Folders: The most valuable homework for your child is to read, read, read! There will not be homework for the couple of weeks or so while the children are adjusting to their school routine. While the homework will be enriching and fun, it will also introduce your child to the homework routine and promote responsibility. Homework should never take more than 60 minutes per night or become a source of frustration for your child. The most important "homework" you can do with your child is read with him/her 20 minutes each night.

Illness: The question of when to keep your child home from school is often a difficult one, especially when the decision may affect your work schedule and alternate arrangements may need to be made. It is important, however, to keep your child home if he/she is ill(fever or flu). This helps them to feel better quicker and prevents others from becoming ill. Children function more effectively in the classroom if they are healthy. However, students should not stay home for common colds,

Jog: Every morning your child has the opportunity to participate in walk/jog before school. It is a great way to get their bodies ready to learn.

Kindness: Throughout the year we will be promoting kindness and other positive character traits.

Library: We will have a scheduled time for the school library each week. Children who have returned their book may check out a new book. Our Library time is on Wednesdays.

My Classroom Goals: My goal in the classroom is to instill a life long love for learning that will carry on with my students throughout their educational journey. I want your child to be successful academically, socially, and emotionally. It is my goal to insure that every child will come to believe in their own abilities—that they are capable of accomplishing anything because they have the tools to do it themselves. Every child will know that they are very much loved by me and that I value them for the unique inpiduals they are. In turn, it is my goal that every child will come to realize his/her value as a person and to see what an incredible gift they are to this world. Be assured that I will guide and encourage your child, celebrating each step of the way as he or she gains a love of learning, self-confidence, and the academic skills that form a foundation for continued success.

Newsletters: Each week our principal sends out a school newsletter and once a month PTA sends out a calendar with upcoming events.

NO Toys Policy: The school has a no toy policy. Please check your child's backpack to make sure no toys have hidden themselves inside there.

Open Door Policy: Please know that I have an open door policy in my classroom, and invite you to be a part of your child's school adventure.

Office Contact Information: 619-956-4500

Progress Reports: Progress reports are designed to reflect the progress and growth your child has made during the year. They will be sent home three times a year mid-way through each grading period.

Quick and Quiet Hello: as you volunteer in our classroom or our building, I will urge your child to acknowledge you with a "quick and quiet" hello. It is important for them to greet you, but remain involved in class activities

READING! READING! READING! Students will be given a weekly reading log and be encouraged to read 20 minutes a night with a family member. Studies show that reading is one of the greatest ways to ensure educational success for your child.

Room Parent: Every class needs a room parent. The job of the room parent is to collaborate with me to coordinate parties and activities, to seek out volunteers, and help out in the classroom when needed. Being a room parent is a great way to be involved in your child's school life. If you are interested and excited about being our room parent, please let me know.

Sharing: Each day we begin with a sharing question. It is a quick way for students to get comfortable speaking in front of their peers and learn more about each other.

Snack: Brain research has shown that hunger may impair learning. Please send a healthy snack with your child every day.

Take Home Folder: Your child will take home a weekly folder on Friday with a behavior report and completed papers for the week. Please sign and return on Monday.

Unique Theme Days: During the year we will enhance our learning by having theme days such as: Dress as your favorite character, hero day, sports day, etc... I will let you know ahead of time in the weekly newsletter when these days will take place.

Volunteers: Volunteers are a vital asset to the overall success of my classroom and to our school. Without the help of our volunteers, our classroom would not be able to do as many fun and exciting projects, lessons, and activities. All volunteers must complete the "Volunteer Handbook", return to the school office, and receive clearance before volunteering. Please bring your ID she needs a copy on file (note: younger siblings should not be brought to the classroom when you are planning to volunteer in the classroom)

Website: My classroom Website will be a great way for you to keep up to date with the latest activities in your child's classroom. I will post pictures, projects, blogs, and important dates.

eXited: I am excited to work with your child this year!

You Can Help: I always appreciate any extra help and support in the classroom. My "Wish List" has various items needed for all children in the classroom. I will update the list as I receive donations (donating to the wish list is NOT mandatory). Please remember that you are your child's first and most important teacher. No one can influence your child's life in the way that you can! Thank you again for your support!

ZzZzZz: Please make sure that your child gets plenty of rest each night. Setting and keeping a bedtime helps them to be alert and ready to learn each day!